“I’m not a weeb.”

“You should watch X show, it’s pretty nice”

“Nah, I’m not a [su_tooltip style=”cluetip” position=”north” shadow=”yes” rounded=”yes” size=”2″ title=”Weeb:” content=”A one-syllable contraction of ‘weeaboo’, which is Internet for ‘wapanese’.”]weeb[/su_tooltip]”


This annoyed me recently. Mostly because it’s completely dismissing an entire subgenre of an art style simply because of where it originated from. In my mind this is almost akin to racism. “I don’t like that type of art style because the Japanese made it originally.”

I’m not a fan of racism in the most lenient of situations. Even this is probably the most subtle form of racism because one could do this even without expressing your own views to another party. And I get it-one’s preferences is one’s preferences. But when you tell me that you refuse to even experience a certain media because of it’s influence or where its influence comes from, that annoys the shit outta me.

God forbid that you expand your artistic horizons, and learn more about how a large portion of the world enjoys art.

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